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Stonehaven Folk Club

Covid 19 guidance for Club meetings

The following guidance is aimed at ensuring that all Club members and visitors to the Club reduce the risk of being exposed to covid 19 or passing it on to others while attending in person Club activities. This guidance will be kept under review and adapted as Scottish Government guidance changes.

To stay safe and protect others the committee request that all Club members and visitors to the Club

Before event

  • Get vaccinated when offered, including booster vaccinations

  • Undertake a lateral flow device test on the day of attending the Club and provide evidence of a negative result using the Scottish Government reporting systems if you have it

  • Do not attend the Club if the lateral flow device test indicates that you have covid 19

  • Do not attend the in-person Club events if you have any of the three cardinal symptoms of covid 19, a new persistent cough, a fever or a loss of sense of taste or smell

  • Do not attend the Club if you have been identified as a close contact of someone who has covid 19


On arrival

  • Provide contact tracing information on entering Club meeting venues

  • Please arrive for Club events in plenty of time to allow all attendees to gain timely access to the venue without crowding before the time that the performance is due to start

  • Leave space from others when entering or leaving the Club venue

  • Try to keep a safe distance apart

  • Avoid gathering in crowds

  • Payment by credit card rather than cash would be the preferred method of payment for entry charges


During event

  • Wear a face covering at Club events unless exempt from doing so and unless you are eating or drinking

  • Wear a face covering when moving around the venue

  • Clean hands and surfaces often, hand gel and cleaning wipes will be available, as will a small stock of face coverings

  • Avoid overcrowding when going to the toilet or the bar

  • Windows will be open to improve ventilation so please dress appropriately for this


Lateral flow devices are available in boxes of 7 from all community pharmacies and also via the Scottish Government website. These should only be used if you do not have covid 19 symptoms. If you have any of the 3 main covid symptoms, a new continuous cough, a fever, or a loss of sense of taste or smell then you need to book a PCR test and isolate until you have the result of that test.

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